With tips from Bumaga, a St Petersburg online newspaper about city life.

Go To Roof Fest — Concerts On The City’s Rooftops

When the weather is warm, you can go to concerts on the rooftops. During Roof Fest, in different parts of the city, but always with a great view, you can listen to jazz and rock, pop and rap. You can order a glass of wine or cocktail and ask the organizers for a blanket – you never know when it will turn windy. The 2019 festival program includes concerts by Manizha, IOWA, Rita Dakota, Leonid Agutin, Tequilajazzz and Kasta.

Listen To Scientists Speaking In Bars

Science Bar Hopping is just like normal bar hopping except with lectures by young scientists. Several times a year, in tens of bars across the city, people can hear about the influence of wine on the brain, the movie theatres of 100 years ago and about conspiracy theories. It’s a great opportunity to unwind in a great venue and find out something new about nuclear physics or how the brain works.

Questioning – An Hour Opposite A Stranger

In the game/show Questioning, you will be sat opposite a stranger and asked several dozen questions about them. You will need to use your intuition and imagination to guess their age, hobbies and interests, as you are strictly forbidden from talking. An hour later, you can swap your forms and share your impressions and finally get to know each other.