On Foot

Three picturesque walks around the city from Petersburg 15:15 

Check Out What’s On Malaya Konyushennaya

This is one of the few pedestrian streets that always “lives and breathes” the city atmosphere. In summer, book fairs take place here and it is also the site for various concerts and performances, as well as photo exhibitions and art installations. At the very beginning of the street there is a little known but very sweet statue of a 19th century policeman. We also recommend paying attention to the figures of horses on the street lights, which are a reminder that the stable yard – which gives the street its name – is very close.

Peek Into The Capella Courtyards

Here you need to pay attention to the details: all the buildings backing onto the courtyards are of a different height, while real locals are rushing by. The facades of the building look very pompous compared to the neighboring faded courtyards. Make sure to listen – in spring and summer there is always music here, because the Capella is still functioning and musicians are always rehearsing in various classrooms there. In good weather, there are concerts of classical music.

Explore The Embankment Of Griboyedov Canal From Kazan Cathedral Along To St Nicholas Naval Cathedral

This is a classic St Petersburg “walk for the soul” – on the way you will meet griffins on Bank Bridge and lions on Lion Bridge. A walk along the canal gives you a gradual transition from the Imperial St Petersburg to the city of Dostoevsky. You can tell why the canal was earlier called the “Krivusha” (literally “crooked”) river; this winding path is well suited for philosophical reflection as you stroll.