Vegetarian Finds

Vega Go is a community of vegetarians, vegans, raw foodies and anyone who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Vega Go’s top 3 shops for vegan food lovers


Povarskoy Pereulok 12A, building 10N

St Petersburg’s first vegan store! Here you can buy everything you need, both for everyday life and for a Sunday lunch: tofu products, seitan, vegan sausages, cheese, nuts, oils, cereals, Urbechi, and of course, sweets! Cakes, pastries, marzipan sweets – all vegan! In Bunker you can also buy ethical, eco-friendly cosmetics that are not tested on animals and biodegradable kitchenware! What’s more, you can place an order for pizza and wonderful desserts – all from ethical St Petersburg producers.


Ulitsa Pestelyla 11

This is where the most diverse of people with similar interests – taking a human approach, believing in common sense and loving freedom – congregate. All the goods here are from ethical sources: from vegan goods, to cosmetics, hygiene products and street food. No shampoos with cuttlefish ink. Well, you get the point.


Moskovsky Prospekt 7

Veganika delivers all kinds of vegetarian, vegan and lean foods. It works as an online retail store, collaborating with local St Petersburg shops and to make vegan and vegetarian goods available in different parts of the city. This store supports local producers while also bringing in interesting goods from other cities and importing foreign treats.

Vega Go’s top 3 cafes

Hood street food

Konyushennaya Square 2V

The first vegan burger place was born and bred in Russia’s cultural capital. Here they cook ethical and (most importantly) tasty fast food, which will be sure to satisfy. And this place’s burgers and wraps are not only loved by vegans and veggies, but by meat eaters too! Our favourite is the Sweet Baby Burger: tofu, grilled pineapple, peppers, spinach, iceberg lettuce, vegan mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce.

Healthy Conscience

Ulitsa Marata 35

This is the city’s first and only vegan café serving sushi and healthy raw desserts. Vlad, the chef, is famous throughout St Petersburg for his ability to turn an ordinary dish into a work of art, for which he always loving prepared with healthy and natural ingredients.


Grazhdanskaya Ulitsa 13-15

This café has one mission: to attract those who have not yet tried veganism in order to show them that not only can vegan food be tasty, but that it solves a number of our planet’s problems! And, despite the fact that it only opened fairly recently, this café has already captured the hearts of vegans, veggies and meat eaters alike.