Facebook groups bring us together to share common interests and hobbies and help us to find out new information – about the city that we live in for instance.

We have designed this Facebook Community City Guide together with people who regularly exchange ideas about Stuttgart in local Facebook groups and pages while constantly exploring new corners of the city themselves. Stuttgart has so much to offer; get insider information and tip-offs about beautiful places in and around the city and rediscover Stuttgart from the perspective of four different Facebook communities. Despite this, two Stuttgart food bloggers present their personal favorite city restaurants and cafes, all in keeping with the theme: from the community, for the community.

Stuttgart isn’t just the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, it’s also one of the ten largest cities in Germany. It goes without saying that there’s a lot to see here! Thanks to the surrounding vineyards and the many mineral sources found across the city, lovers of the natural world will find everything their hearts desire. But the city is always worth a visit for car and sports fans too. The cityscape, shaped by Stuttgart’s long history as a Duke’s residency and the capital city of the Kingdom of Württemberg, is just waiting to have its secrets discovered.

Regardless of whether you are a native Stuttgarter, an incomer or exploring the city as a tourist, our guide will lead you to the most extraordinary places in the city. Ever climbed one of Stuttgart’s more than 400 Stäffele staircases to enjoy the view across the city?

We invite you to rediscover Stuttgart and explore new horizons in the city with us.

Have fun exploring!

Your Facebook Germany Team

FYI: We have already worked with groups around Europe in Lisbon, Bordeaux and Seville. The first German Facebook Community City Guide was launched in Leipzig. But Stuttgart will not be the last city we explore together with the Facebook community.