Allow us to introduce ourselves – the first Austrian Facebook Community City Guide!

We use Facebook to exchange views and discover new things, and the same applies to the city in which we live. We come together in Facebook groups to discuss our shared interests and hobbies. 

We’ve put together this Community City Guide with the help of those who use local Facebook groups relating to Vienna on a regular basis and who are always finding new places to explore. You will receive insights and insider tips on beautiful, exciting locations within the city and can rediscover Vienna from the perspective of the various Facebook groups, all in accordance with the motto: by the community, for the community.

And Vienna has plenty to offer; it was voted the most liveable city in the world in 2019 for the tenth year in a row! Austria’s capital enjoys a high quality of living and boasts many fantastic spots. The picturesque old town of Vienna with the imperial Hofburg and the magnificent Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces is world famous. Stop for a delicious meal as you walk the city’s unique backdrop – call in at one of the traditional coffee houses for a Viennese melange and a warm apple strudel. Art fans and culture vultures are sure to find plenty to interest them at one of the over 100 museums here. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can relax in the many parks and gardens since Vienna is one of the greenest cities in the world.

Besides the geographical highlights, Vienna is also home to a high number of small and medium-sized companies. They all contribute to Vienna’s high quality of living, whether it’s thanks to their unique product range, their delicious treats or their fantastic atmospheres. We consider it crucial to support these companies so that they can continue in the long term. Part of this includes making it easier for them to go digital as well as providing support to each individual. We’ve put together some tips for companies and private individuals to utilise the range of functions on our platform for the benefit of the many small and medium-sized companies in Vienna.

Whether you’re well versed in Viennese life or you’re discovering Vienna as a tourist, our guide will take you through the lesser-known parts of the city.

We invite you to discover or even rediscover Vienna and walk with us as we find new ways through the city. 

Enjoy your journey of discovery!

Your Facebook team

By the community, for the community

This is where you can familiarize yourself with the communities that helped us design this City Guide.


ZERO WASTE VIENNA allows like-minded people to exchange views on the topic of zero Waste in Vienna. Precisely because zero waste can be implemented individually,subject to the location and depending on circumstances, a platform is needed on which members can support each other with their knowledge. The Zero Waste Austria Facebook groups are also available for several other regions across Austria.

Vienna group:

The Vienna group is very simply a group for all residents of Vienna along with die-hard fans of the city or those who are interested. The community discusses everything that gets the city moving. 

Activities in Vienna (ActiVIEties):

ActiVIEties is a Viennese association that deals with communal leisure activities. The aim is to make everyday occurrences like getting to know people into an event. Direct exchange with people, being active and experiencing new things form the focus here. The heart of the association is the very active Facebook group of the same name in which the members agree on joint events. In order to offer the community better networking opportunities in a physical space, a local area in the form of a club room was created as a counterpart to digital space. 

Yoga in Wien 

Yoga in Vienna is a group for everyone who is actively involved in yoga in Vienna, whether as a hobby or as a trained instructor. The group is home to yoga-specific queries along with many events, workshops and seminars relating to yoga in Vienna. Stay up to date and simply connect with like-minded people.