We are delighted to present the first Swiss Facebook Community City Guide!

On Facebook, we share ideas and discover new things – this also applies to the city in which we live. In Facebook groups, we come together to share common interests and hobbies.

We have designed this Facebook Community City Guide together with people who regularly exchange ideas about Zurich in local Facebook groups and who are constantly exploring new corners of the city. Zurich has so much to offer: You’ll get insights and insider tips on beautiful and exciting places within the city and rediscover Zurich from the perspective of five different Facebook groups, in line with the motto: “from the community, for the community.“

Located in the heart of Europe, Zurich charms visitors with its cultural diversity and international mindset. Lake Zurich and the nearby Alps are ideal for excursions into nature, whether by bike, boat, or on foot. A leisurely walk along the streets of the medieval old town offers the chance to explore buildings from various times in history.

Regardless whether you’re a native or non-native to Zurich or are exploring the city as a tourist, our guide will take you to extraordinary places within the city. Do you know where the best lakeside places to swim are and those along the Limmat river? And have you ever watched the sun rising from the top of the Uetliberg? We invite you to (re)discover Zurich and explore new horizons in the city with us.

Have fun exploring!

Your Facebook Team

By the way, we’ve already got together with groups in Europe in Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Krakow, Leipzig, Lisbon, Lyon, Oslo, Seville, St. Petersburg, and Stuttgart. This guide is the first project of its kind in Switzerland. But Zurich certainly won’t be the last city we explore together with the Facebook community.