Notable Restaurants


Rindermarkt 24

The Bauernschänke offers delicious food in a cozy atmosphere. Dishes are placed on the table for sharing. It’s a perfect way to taste your way through the menu. A non­sharing option is also available on request.


Tellstrasse 22

Gül impresses with its outstanding Turkish cuisine. The owners put a lot of emphasis on good ingredients and have made it their mission to ensure their guests leave the restaurant full and content. And they succeed!


Meinrad-Lienert-Strasse 1

Kin offers Asian­inspired dishes with local and seasonal ingredients and guests love it. It’s best to order several dishes and share them so that you can try as much of the menu as possible.

The Artisan

Nordbrücke 4

The Artisan restaurant invites its guests to sit back and relax. Ingredients come from local producers and from the community gar­den, which you can admire through an extensive glass facade. Enjoy a glass of wine with your view as the wine list is of exceptional quality.

Afghan Anar

Fierzgasse 22

Afghan Anar is where to find Zurich’s Afghan soul and street food scene. Mantu, bourani banjan, and other classics are prepared here with love and the best local ingredients according to old family recipes. The taste of the food reflects this and leaves you wanting more!