Grüezi! Welcome!

The city of Zurich combines urban flair with the comforts of tradition. With only 400,000 residents, the metropolis exudes an al­most rural charm: Everything is perfectly connect ed and reachable on foot or by bike, whether it’s the historic old town, the exten­sive shores of Lake Zurich, or a connection to the international airport. No wonder that Zurich is regularly voted one of the world’s most livable cities in terms of the life quality it offers. But what exactly makes this city so appealing? Is it the proximity to nature? The historic old town or the vibrant financial district with its international flair?

Above all it’s the serenity and love of life displayed by the people who live there. Because socializing in Zurich takes place by (or in) the water. Lake Zurich is always close by as is the Limmat river. So it isn’t any wonder that there are more than 40 swimming facilities in Zurich, which the re­sidents fondly refer to as Badis. But even aside from the Badis, Zurich inhabitants love to spend time by the water; whether it’s a quick swim in the Limmat river before work or a refreshing afternoon dip in Lake Zurich, it’s just a part of everyday life. As a result, they rarely leave the house without their swimming gear.

It goes without saying that Zurich has plenty to offer apart from these swimming spots: Every street, every corner invites you to browse and linger. Whether it’s a tradition­al Swiss café in the old town, a fashion­ able concept store in the trendy Zurich West district or a hike in the nearby coun­tryside, there is always something new to discover in Zurich.

Together with our Zurich Facebook groups, we’ve created a guide to the city’s attrac­tions with real insider tips for you.